Siri Austin Entertainment

Siri Austin Entertainment

Our mission is to entertain, educate and inspire others by providing a gateway for authors and artists to share their talents with the world through various mediums. Some authors aspire to expand their platform beyond just the written word. Our plan is to provide services to assist with those aspirations while opening a gateway in other areas.


Our Publishing Division, we will assist aspiring authors in the area of self-publishing.


Our Production Division’s will assist authors who dream of seeing their stories come to life.


The G.I.Y. Workshops consist of a series of videos with Instructor, Iris Bolling.

What Our customers say

When you define superlative, you define Iris Bolling. Writer, film maker, director, producer- she does it all with a passion fed energy that makes her the force of nature that she is.

Beverly Jenkins

Iris Bolling is a creative, multifaceted force of nature. She is driven, reliable, and always willing to discuss new ideas. Her dedication to helping others succeed is without bounds.

Brenda Jackson